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Who Invented the Gas Mask

Evidence suggests that ancient Greeks used some types of gas masks to filter out harmful dust and other noxious gases. According to Popular Mechanics, these early masks were essentially sponges. Gas masks were first used in documented ways in the 9th century. Military grade gas mask was invented in order to protect troops during the world war.

Gas masks have been in use for approximately 900 years. Very little has been written or spoken about them. Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier, a French inventor, created a respirator in the late 1700s. A respirator is essentially a device that covers your mouth to prevent harmful substances from being inhaled.

This was a significant breakthrough in gas-mask tech. The respirator basically is the air-intake section of a gas mask. You can also purchase respirators for your personal use. A respirator, which is basically a gas mask that covers the mouth, is often used for dusty work.

The evolution of gas masks continues. A hose was added to an older knight's helmet in 1828. Smoke-protecting apparatus was invented for firefighters. The helmet allowed the wearer to enter a barn that was on fire and save his horses by pumping air through it. This design was later modified to suit the needs of underwater divers.