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Why A Good Body Shop Uses A Paint Booth

When you go for a car service, you expect a great paint job. A good auto shop will meet your hope by providing a car with the new powder color corresponding well to the old one.

To ensure the right work and to abide by environmental regulations, auto body shops usually perform painting in a paint booth, use the right equipment and technique, and ensure that their workers wear protective clothing. If you want to get high-quality paint booth for sale, then you can check out various online sources.

Some auto shops try to circumvent these requirements to reduce costs and prices, but the results are not worth the so-called "savings".

Why use a paint Booth?

There are several good reasons:

Less dust. An auto shop produces a large quantity of dust in the sanding process for auto parts. Workers can eliminate dust paint by cleaning the surface with a tack cloth and then apply numerous thin coats instead of fewer thick ones. The best way to control dust is to use a spray booth which is:

  • Properly ventilated filters in place
  • He kept at the proper pressure and climate
  • Configured so that the entry and exit gates, doors, and concrete floors are sealed
  • Clean and free of unnecessary items, moisture, dirt, and sand
  • The deadwood closed to prevent traffic in and out
  • Manned by a worker in a suit painter Lint and headcover

Best Quality. Set with clear fluorescent lighting just outside the cabin, workers can do a proper paint job. They can detect defects or places that have been lost. Many are heated paint booths for better curing paints.

Prevents overspray. The painting technique ensures proper paint does not spread to other parts of the car not to paint by masking to prevent accidental spills.