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Why Collar is Important in Formal Dress Shirts?

Despite many variations, the construction of the formal dress shirts have remained relatively consistent since its conception and evolved from a design that was originally an item of men's undergarment until the turn of the twentieth century. This piece of clothing is an integral cog in the well-oiled machine that happens to be a fashion conscious man's wardrobe.

The collar is one of the formal shirt's more prominent features and unless you're a fan of the rowdy, not – so – sophisticated look, it is an aspect not to be overlooked. You can shop for mens shirts with statement cutaway collars online. They are bold and assertive and are equally elegant both buttoned and unbuttoned.

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There are various types of collars. Each one requires a different kind of attention and the list below is where you can leave all about them in detail:

1. Point Collar

This is the most prevalent collar style, the forward or straight point collar is cut using straight lines and with a relatively small spread. It is the design most associated with the traditional men's formal dress shirts.

2. Spread Collar

Spread Collar is also known as the cutaway or Windsor collar, the spread collar comes in

various widths and angles, revealing more of the upper shirt or tie than the aforementioned point collar. Due to the distance between the collar points (some almost horizontal), the spread collar is rarely worn without a tie and is reserved for business/formal dress only.

3. Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar is attached directly to the shirt body by way of two small buttons and can be worn with or without a tie. Naturally suited to more casual surroundings, the button-down was initially introduced based on the sports shirts worn by polo players.

These are some of the types of collar shirts you can search online.