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Why Ebooks Are Better Than Paperbacks?

The new innovative function makes reading e-books very interesting. The following three reasons will outline some of the key qualities of choosing technology over tradition.

1. Lots of variety: eBooks offer such a wide variety that you can always find what you want to read instead of being satisfied with what is offered at home or in a store where you are visiting. 

Most devices can hold 1500 books or more, so you don't have to read anything just because it's all you have. There are many companies that also provide several science books online. AI & EXASCALE book is one of the best books which you can read online easily.

2. Online dictionaries: The big advantage of portable eBook readers is that they have an integrated dictionary with more than 250,000 entries and definitions. So unlike traditional books, you don't have to ignore words you don't know. Quickly search for foreign words and continue reading.

3. Read-to-Me Feature: The e-book has a reading function that allows you to sit back, close your eyes, and dictate a story. A text-to-speech feature is available in most cases, unless the book rights holder has provided this feature.

This feature allows you to read newspapers, magazines, blogs and books in English. You can even switch between reading alone or reading the features aloud, and your location will be saved automatically. You have male and female voice options and you can adjust the speed to your liking.