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Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Than Hotels In Luxembourg

A few years ago, it would not happen to rent apartments that are fully equipped and offer similar facilities as available in hotels.

The emergence of apartments presented, caused by cheap international tourist booms and changes in tourist tastes, these short-term rentals are the next best alternative to stay at the hotel. You can choose the no.1 short-term apartments in Luxembourg at if you want to live in a short-term apartment.

In addition, they also offer more space and more privacy that the hotel cannot. They become for business travelers traveling with their families and the fact that you can cook your own food instead of ordering room service.

Online bookings are easily available and you can search according to the number of bedrooms you need. In addition, a full kitchen, living room, and all the bedrooms gather to make you feel owned by a house far from home.

Another great thing about the service apartment is that they come in several types that fit your accommodation needs. Some of them are located in the city center but most are usually located in the outer parts of the city but only a short distance from the city center.

Other types of apartment service are corporate housing which is actually an enhanced residential property for short-term rentals. Rental costs for these types usually include cleanliness services, local utility and tax costs, and rent for TV, telephone, and internet services for one month or more.