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Why Should you Use Glass Wool?


Glass wool is also known as fiberglass is made from bounding silica and fibre glasses with fluxing agents. It's super useful and here's why you should use it: 

  1. Perishability – If you're in search of a sustainable option, glass wool is your best pic. It's made from 80% recyclable materials and resistant to mould. As the environmental conditions are a major considerable factor it's important to select the right insulating material that will not harm the environment. 
  2. Installation – Even if you choose to install the insulating material by yourself it is quite possible and simple as it's very light weighted, especially compared to mineral wool. Also, since it's limp, it is quite easy to adjust and fit into whatever space you want. 
  3. Soundproofing – When it comes to soundproofing, glass wool is the most preferable choice. Irrespective of it being less dense compared to mineral wool it still prevents sound from travelling through, making it excellent soundproofing material.  
  4. Fire-resistant – by now I'm pretty sure you know that glass wool is a non-combustible material so catching fire is out of the question. It has amazing heat resistance. 
  5. Withstand high amounts of moisture – does not dampen and is highly resistant to moisture, usually used to wrap around ac shafts. 
  6. Cost-efficient – it'll fit anybody's budget. It's quite cheap and easily available. It's a decent 20% cheaper than mineral wool. 

No matter what kind of insulation needs you have, glass wool wall insulation. It is one of the best options for you to use. And remember to buy it from only the best suppliers.