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Why Sports Injury Therapy Is Needed?

Sports injuries are injuries experienced by athletes during training sessions or when involved in games. This may be caused by poor training, poor warm-up sessions and not providing adequate concentration while in the field. An injury would be unfair for physically active athletes.

One must consult a therapist if his condition does not improve within 48 hours. There are 2 types of injuries. They are acute and chronic sports injuries. Acute injuries are caused by sudden, sharp and traumatic experiences that occur immediately. They are common signs of injury such as sprains, tension.

Chronic injuries are caused by overuse. They are specially developed when acute injuries are not healed or treated properly. A proper diagnosis must be made. The dynamic nature of this sport also causes more injuries to athletes.

Most of these injuries are marked by bruising, muscle tension, and torn ligaments. This injury when not treated at the right time can end the athlete's career itself, so appropriate precautions must be taken by athletes both on and off the field.

Applying ice to an acute injury is the best way to treat it because it will prevent pain from swelling.

Heat therapy is generally applied to chronic injuries that do not involve inflammation or swelling. Muscles that are sick, stiff, or nag are treated with heat therapy.