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Why Treatment For Presbyopia Is Important?

Presbyopia is the inability to focus on nearby objects and usually occurs after the age of 40. Presbyopia is considered as one of the symptoms of the aging process because it is mainly caused by the hardening of the eye lens. 

This is seen when you start reading menus, newspapers and magazines at arm's length or feel tired while doing close-up work such as embroidering, sewing or other writing. Doing such activities can also cause headaches or eye fatigue. In this case, call your doctor or ophthalmologist and have your eyes checked.You can also learn about  treatment of presbyopia from online sources.

presbyopia treatments

Bifocals can correct presbyopia, as can lenses, but there are new procedures that can treat it. One of them is refractive lens replacement, which means replacing the hardened natural lens in your eye with an artificial lens that is more flexible. This procedure will give you multi-focused vision.Eye drops are also helpful to solve presbyopia problems.

If you have cataract surgery, presbyopia can be cured with intraocular lenses, although this treatment is not suitable for everyone. However, if you can have it, you will be able to see clearly at all distances.

There are also new treatments currently being tested that contain specially formulated gels that replace natural lenses and provide the flexibility that natural lenses lack.

If presbyopia is not corrected, it will eventually cause problems with your driving, work, and lifestyle. However, it is considered a natural part of the aging process.