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Wondering If It Is Melasma?

There is no one who loves dreadful skin issues. The way your skin appears will determine your self-esteem. Melasma is among the skin problems that are not wanted. What is the reason? Because melasma is an evident dark spot on the skin, which can be more embarrassing than warts, acne, and skin tags.

Melasma is normally located very visibly on the face. Melasma is most often harmless and the problems most individuals have with this skin disorder can be psychological in nature. Melasma specialist treatment in Melbourne can effectively deal with any skin conditions and problems you may have.

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So… who gets Melasma?

Men and women can experience melasma. However, about 90% of all melasma cases occur in women. Pregnant women are very susceptible to Melasma due to hormonal changes related to their pregnancy.

For pregnant women, melasma can dissipate in just a few months. Melasma during pregnancy is termed melasma gravidarum or the mask of pregnancy. It is temporary and does not require treatment as long as you can be patient until it dissipates by itself.

Age spots are not melasma but they do have similar characteristics with melasma and normally occur in older people. Both skin blemishes can be treated with the same methods.

Melasma shows up more pronounced on fair skin. For that reason, companies have developed several treatment choices to remove melasma. If you are pregnant you should be cautious and visit your doctor before treating any condition. 

You may find your doctor will tell you it is the wisest choice to leave your pregnancy-caused melasma alone. As you now know, it will naturally go away on its own and some of the treatments could be harmful to you or your unborn child if taken during your pregnancy.